This ski brake was designed for the Dynafit P49 Binding to meet the new ISMF race brake regulations. The P49 Binding was made to be the pinnacle of lightweight race performance, but these new regulations will make it obsolete. This easily attached brake design gives a new life to the P49 Binding for all elite skimo racers looking for cutting edge race performance. Weighing only 50 grams per brake for a 99 gram complete binding weight, this system remains the lightest binding/brake combo to meet the updated ISMF racing regulations! 
The P49 Ski Brake attaches via the rear screws on the toe piece. As the racer steps into the binding, the brake is forced downwards by the toe of the boot. By pushing inwards on the brake's lever, the brake locks into skinning mode. When the skier is ready to transition into downhill mode, the lever is pushed forward. Internal springs keep the lever locked open until the next transition is reach. Additionally, the brake is reliably forced downwards into the snow by a coil spring when the ski is not in use or the skier crashes. 
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